Side quest games we would love to see in the next Zelda

If you are a Nintendo gamer, then you are sure to have heard of the Legend of Zelda; one of Nintendo’s most successful video games. And, for those of you that do happen to know the game well, have you ever thought of associating Princess Zelda’s missions and quests with online slots?

The Legend of Zelda, starring Princess Zelda, originates from Japan and first hit the console gaming scene in 1986 when it was designed and released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Its interactive gameplay, huge virtual landscape, multiple missions and side quests became an instant hit amongst gamers.

Now if you are lucky enough to have had the pleasure of walking through the streets of Tokyo, it will become clearly obvious that Princess Zelda, the star of the game, is somewhat of a local hero. Her image is proudly displayed on the internet and gaming shopfronts in the form of window or wall artwork. You will also come across multiple posters either for sale or pinned up on café and shop walls, plus there is even a Legend of Zelda comic book.

Today the Legend of Zelda undeniably lives on and it does so through a billion-dollar franchise and a brand that boasts a huge fan base rivalling its main competitor – Super Mario.

With the game dating back 4 decades, there are thousands of online gamers that have come of age and have moved from game consoles to online slots. Right now there is a group of online casino players who happen to be age-old Zelda fans that also play online slots. Recently, a small group of them have been hitting the online gaming forums in the hope that an online slot added as a Legend of Zelda side quest could be a realistic possibility in the game’s next release.

As an added twist to this story, the same group of players would also love to see any side quest slot game become a real money online slot that can be added to the Japanese Gaming Society list for slots.

Could the ancient world of Zelda feasibly accommodate an online slot as a side quest?

Side quests on The Legend of Zelda can be found on the game’s interactive map. It gives players a way to navigate their way around the game and track down side quests where they can earn rewards. Some of these rewards include your own house, inventory expansion, money, food, armour, and weapons.

As with real money slot games, a slot game as a side quest could work. The slot could be designed with an ancient ‘Legend of Zelda’ style theme and come with combinations that offer rewards. In the slot’s paytable rewards could be associated with the various 3, 4, or 5-symbol combinations, and bonus features could be added giving gamers the chance to earn free spins.

Now if the in-game side quest slot were to become popular, then this could lead to a series of amazing real money online slot games expanding the current Legend of Zelda franchise further.

How Would a Real Money Slot Legend of Zelda Work?

With the Legend of Zelda’s dominant global following, it comes as no surprise an online slot named ‘Zelda’ has already been released. It is a 5 reel and 20 pay line slot game released by JDV168; an Asian developer that is not well-known within the online casino industry. The slot’s release has led many Zelda fans to question why the video slot is not available at any of the world’s top online casinos.

It is also surprising to learn that none of the most highly-regarded online casino operators have jumped at the opportunity to sign up JDV168 and get the developer’s new Zelda slot listed in their slots gaming section. This also leads to another question; why have none of the top slot developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, or NYX picked up on the popularity of Zelda and released their own version?

The release of a Legend of Zelda online a slot would be a lucrative venture for the likes of Microgaming or NetEnt, and we could compare it to Liverpool FC’s signing of Japanese international Takumi Minamino. Not only has Liverpool gained one of the best football playmakers in the world, but at the same time, Liverpool FC will also profit from increased sales in Japan as fans snap up Liverpool branded as Minamino merchandise.

We could argue that the same principle would apply when a globally recognized online slot developer decides to release the Legend of Zelda on the reels!

Will the Legend of Zelda and online slots eventually integrate?

A Zelda online slot as a side quest on the game’s interactive map could arguably help the developers increase the number of players by attracting online slot players who used to play the game. The designers could start to introduce more slots around the map if the online slot side quest becomes a popular addition to the game.

However, releasing a real money online casino slot game branded as the Legend of Zelda is another story. It is down to the franchise and whether the bigwigs running the show would approve of associating the game with online gambling. If they did, then it couldn’t hurt the franchise financially as it opens the doors to not just one slot but a series of real money slot games.

We have already seen JDV168 release their version of The Legend of Zelda, and in 2019 X Play released a 5 reel and 10 pay line Mario World slot game which will surely help to build the Mario franchise. Therefore, it would seem the doors could still be open and the Legend of Zelda could both add a side quest slot game as well as release a series of real money online slots.

Side quest games we would love to see in the next Zelda

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