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Event Staff For the “Defenders Of The Triforce”

Working Locations

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Chicago or New York.


Will vary based on tour dates and location. (~3-8+ hours per shift)

As event staff, you will be an essential part in creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our players. You will take on the role of an inhabitant of Hyrule and interact directly with the players to immerse them in the world of The Legend of Zelda. We are looking for quick learners with strong attention to detail, but most importantly, applicants should have a knack for hospitality and customer service to maximize players’ game experience.

Duties may include any of the following:

  • Game setup (set tables, reset materials, clean between games
  • Player registration (check in, form teams, usher to tables)
  • Game checkpoints (check answers, give items, allow or deny entry to checkpoint areas)
  • Clue staffing (monitor player progress, offer hints, report to game master)
  • Inventory management (organize, reset used items, prepare materials for the next game)
  • A/V assistance (execute light, sound, or video cues)

Applicants should be able to:

  • Quickly check written materials for correct answers
  • Memorize and perform a small number of character lines and/or actions
  • Control crowds and manage lines
  • Follow detailed instructions with minimal oversight
  • Maintain a positive and professional attitude at all times

Note: Due to the touring and limited nature of this event, temp staff will likely not have the chance to enjoy the game as a player.

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